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Rose Color Symbolism

Yellow Roses

A single yellow rose conveys feelings of happiness and love. In ancient cultures, the color yellow was associated with the sun, and carried with it the joyous connotations of life, warmth, and bliss. In many Eastern cultures, the color yellow represents joy, wisdom and power.

Yellow Rose Symbolism

However, in Europe, the color yellow did carry with it much more negative overtones; yellow roses were long used as a symbol for jealousy and dying love.


With time, the more universal meanings connected with the color yellow have prevailed. Today yellow roses are more commonly associated with joy and friendship.

The yellow rose also expresses abandon, freedom from attachments, and the absence of inhibitions. A genuine and sincere smile is the message of the yellow rose—no heat or passion, but simple, uninhibited feelings.
A bunch of yellow roses expresses unbridled joy, and could be used to congratulate an accomplishment or celebrate new beginnings.

It could be used as a conciliatory gesture, when seeking to appease somebody in a fight, and when desiring to start afresh.
Yellow roses are sometimes tinged with sorrow and can be used to bid adieu. But there is also joy and hope for newer prospects. Yellow roses are thereby seen as messengers of good luck.

The yellow rose within marriage implies sweet domesticity and familiar love. Contentment, everlasting joy, and steadfast affection are all conveyed in the yellow rose.