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Yellow Rose Flowers Yellow Rose Flowers

Vibrant in color and diverse in meaning is how to explain yellow roses. All throughout history yellow roses have been associated with the sun because of their dazzling color, and this association has also lead to their positive connotations as the sun is a rich source of light and warmth. Yellow roses convey friendship and caring, they can represent wisdom and power in eastern cultures while in Victorian times they represented the sentiment of jealousy. Today a yellow rose bouquet is the ideal congratulatory gift, for example for newlyweds or to celebrate a birth.

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About Yellow Roses: In ancient cultures, the color yellow was associated with the sun, and carried with it the joyous connotations of life, warmth, and bliss. In many Eastern cultures, the color yellow represents joy, wisdom and power. However, in Europe, the color yellow did carry with it much more negative overtones; yellow roses were long used as a symbol for jealousy and dying love. With time, the more universal meanings connected with the color yellow have prevailed. Today yellow roses are more commonly associated with joy and friendship.A bunch of yellow roses expresses unbridled joy, and could be used to congratulate an accomplishment or celebrate new beginnings. It could be used as a conciliatory gesture, when seeking to appease somebody in a fight, and when desiring to start afresh.

Yellow Rose Care Tips: Our roses are packaged with extra care and shipped overnight via fed ex to arrive in bud form to maximize bloom time. You roses may enjoy a vase life of between 5-8 days if properly care for. Following the care tips mentioned below will significantly increase the vase life of you red rose bouquet by up to 50%.

  • Cut the band securing the stems and remove your rose flowers from the box immediately upon
  • Remove all the outer guard petals left on to protect you red roses during shipment
  • Remove all the leaves that fall below the water line to prevent bacteria build up
  • Cut the stems of your red rose bouquet 1 inch under running water
  • Place your red roses in a vase filled 3/4th with luke warm water and packet of floral food
  • Keep your red roses away from drafts, direct sunlight and excessive heat or cold.
  • Red roses are heavy drinkers so add fresh water daily and re-cut the stems every three to four days