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White Flowers White Flowers

White flowers are very popular, especially in spring bouquets and summer arrangements. White flowers are used predominantly for weddings, to signify the purity and innocence of the new bride. White flowers are also used in funerals. We use various types of white flowers in almost every flower type, tulips, roses, daisies, carnations, lilies and orchids. We have various bouquets and arrangements featuring a mixture of white flowers, as well as white in combination with other colors.

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About White Flowers
White signifies purity and perfection, making white flowers symbolic of innocence, truth and purity. White is also said to represent a successful beginnings while also symbolizing wholeness, openness and truth. White as a color enlarges spaces, and white flowers are a favorite in spas and wellness resorts that want to create a clean calming atmosphere.

White Flowers are gorgeous, simple, and always elegant. White flowers make an elegant flower gift no matter what the occasion. White flowers are a favorite among both male and female customers, as white flowers are a perfect complement to any home décor. White flowers are especially popular choice for weddings for brides, as well as sympathy flowers for funeral. A bouquet of white roses is also a great floral gift for a new love to show the innocence and purity of your feeling. You make choose to send a single bouquet of white flowers, as in a bouquet of white roses or white calla lilies, or you can choose an elegant mixed white flower bouquet.

White Flower Meanings

  • White Rose Flower – reverence and humility.
  • White Calla Lily - beauty
  • White Lily Flower – purity, innocence and virginity
  • White Carnation Flower – Innocence, good luck, lovely
  • White Gerberas Daisies - innocence and truth

FRESH WHITE FLOWERS FlowerFresh is dedicated in providing you premier quality white fresh flowers direct from the source. We select our flowers, from the farms that specialize in a particular flower type, to ensure you get the highest quality fresh white flowers that will last longer and look better. Enjoy a wide variety of fresh white flowers that include white roses, white Asiatic lilies, white oriental lilies, white carnations and white gerberas. Order our fresh white flowers online or call us toll free at 1800-44-FRESH to send the highest quality white flower bouquets and white floral arrangements available online.

WHITE FLOWER BOUQUETS A little extra care can make a big difference in maximizing the vase life of your white flower bouquet. Cut the bottom of the stems 1 inch diagonally under running water. Remove all the leaves that fall below the water line. And place your white flower bouquet in luke warm water mixed with a packet of floral food.