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White Carnation FlowersWhite Carnation Flowers

While red carnations are the flower worn and given on Mother’s Day if one’s mother is alive, white carnations are also worn on Mother’s Day if one’s mother is deceased. They are a symbol of remembrance. White carnations also express good luck and pure love. For this reason a white carnation bouquet makes an excellent bridal bouquet and it wishes the new couple good luck for the future, and they symbolise their love.

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About White Carnations: White carnations convey pure love and good luck, lovely, innocence and sweetness.    White carnations represent the purity of weddings as well as the endurance of motherhood.  On Mother's Day, it is customary in many countries to wear white carnations out of respect for a deceased mother.   By retaining its status as a floral mainstay, white carnations have proven to be long-lasting flowers in more ways than one.

White Carnation Care Tips: White Carnations are among the longest lasting flowers and may last up to 14 days if properly taken care of. Your White carnation flower bouquet has travelled a long distance to arrive at your door step and may appear tiWhite upon arrival. Follow the care tips mention below to maximize the vase life of your White carnation bouquet.

  1. Cut the band and remove your White carnation bouquet from the box immediately upon arrival.
  2. Cut your White carnations stems 1 inch under running water
  3. Place your White carnations in a vase filled with 3/4 luke warm water and a packet of floral food
  4. Fill a clean vase 3/4 full with warm water and add the contents of the floral preservative
  5. Keep White carnation bouquet away from drafts, direct sunlight, and excessive heat or cold
  6. Make sure to add fresh water or replenish the water if dirty, removing the dead foliage as needed