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Wedding Flower Bouquets – Armheld Bridal Bouquet: The arm bouquet is popular with the bride who likes the natural look for herself or her attendants.  These bouquets are suitable for any wedding style, although they are most popular for informal weddings.   Arm bouquets can be styled with as few as one or two flowers or with many elegant flower varieties combined into an impressive display

Wedding Flower Bouquets – Cascade Bridal Bouquet: The cascade bouquet is a traditional favorite with brides.  This elegant styling is usually carried by the bride, but is also popular for attendants when the bride wants a sophisticated look.   Cascade bouquets provide a dramatic accent for elegant bridal gown styles.  The teardrop bouquet is a nice complement to the cascade and perfect for bridesmaids and the maid of honor.   Any of our bouquets can be sized down for the smaller bride or wedding party.

Wedding Flower Bouquets - Colonial Bridal Bouquet: The popular round bouquet style is suitable for either the bride or her attendants.  This simple styling can be used for formal or informal weddings.   Round bouquets can be made from simple combinations of one or two flowers or elegant garden mixtures.  The colonial bouquet is designed in a bouquet holder and points forward - unlike the hand held that have the same round look pointing upward.

Wedding Flower Bouquets - Handheld Bridal Bouquet: The clutch bouquet style is growing in popularity.  The look is simple but elegant and can be carried by the bride or her attendants.  This style features combinations of flowers clustered in an upright fashion.

Wedding Flower Bouquets - Teardrop Bridal Bouquet: The teardrop bouquet is a nice complement to the cascade bouquet and perfect for bridesmaids and the maid of honor. Any of our cascade bouquets can be sized down into a teardrop for the bride that wants a smaller bouquet.

Wedding Flower Bouquets - Tussie Mussie Bridal Bouquet: A special Victorian custom allowed ladies and gentlemen to convey messages discreetly. Communicating with flowers became the height of fashion under Queen Victoria .  Lovers used the meaning of flowers to gather tussie mussies -from the medieval tussie (knot of flowers) and mussie (moist moss used to keep flowers fresh).   These special holders were created so a lady could carry her flowers with her, just as she would her purse.  These holders can be handed down Mother to Daughter as something old.   Tussie-Mussies are a beautiful finishing touch to any hand held bridal bouquet or make a wonderful gift for a friend, bridesmaid, maid of honor, sweetheart, get well or congratulations.