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Unique Centerpieces Unique Centerpieces

At FlowerFresh we pride ourselves on our elegant and unique centerpieces and floral creations . Our in house floral design team is constantly creating new and unique floral designs, that will keep our customers coming back for more. A unique centerpiece in your home, can act as the perfect accent to a room, giving it that much needed special touch.   You will find a diverse selection of unique flower centerpieces, that vary in style from classic elegant, to fresh spring to understated modern. So pick the flower centerpiece that best fits your floral design aesthetic.

Pink Lemonade
Honey Comb
Pure Pleasure
Twist of Lime
Zen Garden
First Kiss
Purple Rain
Red Velvet
Pink Lady
Spirit of Summer

Basics of Flower Arranging and Creating a Unique Flower Centerpieces:

  1. Line Materials : Line materials are the first elements placed in the design. They help establish the height and width of the unique flower centerpiece. If no line materials are used in the design, the other flowers are used in the same manner as the line materials.
  2. Dominant Materials : Inserted after the line materials, these are usually form flowers like lilies or iris and mass (round) flowers like peonies. Be sure to insert the dominant items within the form established by the line materials.
  3. Secondary Materials : Secondary materials usually consist of smaller mass flowers spaced evenly between the dominant materials in the floral design of the flower centerpiece.
  4. Filler Materials : Filler materials occupy open spaces around the other flowers in the composition; however, filler flowers are by no means mandatory in the design of your unique flower centerpiece.
  5. Special Materials : Add items such as vine, grapes, and visible moss to create added texture and visual interest.

Accent Materials : Accent material is the one thing that stands out in the design. It could be simply the use of color or the focal point of the composition. When a statue or figurine, such as a bird, is added to a design, it automatically becomes the accent to the design of the floral centerpiece

Note : When working with only mass or form flowers, use the flowers as you would when working with line materials. Establish the top and outer boundaries. Place special importance on the visual balance of the design by spacing identically on all sides. Follow these stems and you are sure to create a beautiful unique flower centerpiece for any occasion.