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Tulip Flower Care Tips

Tulip Flower Care Tips .


Tulip Flower,



There are 15 different divisions of tulip flower, with hundreds of species, the most common being the singletulip.


All colors and combinations are available, except no true blue,


A few varieties have a mild, sweet scent, but most have none.


Purchase or cut tulips when they show good size and color. A little green is fine. Tulips should be firm to the touch and upright. Check inside blossom to see that no pollen has developed.

Vase Life:

About 5 days. The French variety will last. days or longer.


January to May.


Winter — moderately priced.
Spring — inexpensive.

The French variety:
Winter — expensive,
Spring — moderately priced.



Declaration of true love. "I am hopelessly in love with you."

Arranging Tip:

Tulip flowers change daily after cutting. Leave enough room for tulips to grow and move, even if they are manipulated somewhat to fit into certain combinations.

Growing Tip:

Tulips are easy to grow in the garden for spring color and can also be forced to bloom indoors in winter. They only bloom fora short time in the spring, so plant early-, mid-, and late-blooming varieties to extend tulip time. Most tulips become exhausted after a year or two, returning shorter and smaller every spring, so pick varieties that "naturalize" well.


Tulips are heavy drinkers!