Fresh Flower Tulip Floral Bouquet
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Tulip Floral Bouquet

Tulip Floral Bouquet

Tulips bouquets make a deluxe arrangement and will fill a room with color. Tulip bouquets are selected and prepared by our skilled florists and delivered where you would like and on the specified date. A tulip floral bouquet has been said to evoke your imagination, buy a floral bouquet and see if it works for you! Or give it to a friend and see if it works for their imagination!


SEND A TULIP BOUQUET: Send a Fresh Tulip Bouquet Online with Flower Fresh the No. 1 Flower Shop for premium quality tulips. We feature a variety of tulip colors, all from the farms of Holland which specialize in growing tulips. Tulip flowers, the third most popular flower world-wide next only to the Rose and Chrysanthemum, can come in tulip Floral bouquets featured alone or combined with other flower types as roses, irises and gerberas.  Send fresh tulip flowers as a declaration of love (red) and happiness and cheer (yellow). No matter what the occasion a tulip Floral bouquet can make the perfect floral gift.

TULIP BOUQUET CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Leave your tulips in the wrap and trim about an inch of the stems.  Place the wrapped tulips in a vase for about an hour, to ensure that the stems are sturdy and take in water better.  Tulips are heavy drinkers, so make sure you feed them fresh water daily.  They continue to grow and change after being cut, so leave enough room for tulips to grow and move while arranging. Don't be afraid to cut as your tulip bouquet will look good with varying lengths.   Tulips have a natural tendency to bend and seek light.  To straighten bent tulips, wrap the stems tightly in damp newspaper, secure with an elastic band, and stand in deep, lukewarm water with light directly from above them.  Leave for a couple of hours.