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Tropical Flowers Tropical Flowers

Known for their exquisite beauty, appearance and variety, tropical flowers are unique and
spectacular in many ways. These magnificent flowers have brilliant and intense colors with
leaves and flowers that are of extraordinary shapes and textures. Arguably the most spectacular
types of tropical flowers are those grown in Hawaii. Each tropical flower has a native country,
belongs to a family and in order to bloom to its full capacity, most require a specific growing environment.
All tropical flowers originate from the tropical regions, namely the Amazon Basin, the Congo Basin in West.

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Tropical flower Care tips: An exotic tropical flower bouquet makes a great flower gift no matter what the occasion or who the recipient. Tropical flowers are not only known for exquisite shapes, textures, and bright vibrant colors but are also celebrated for being extremely durable and long lasting and can be used in any type of flower arrangement. When you receive your tropical flower bouquet we recommend that you unpack them immediately and completely immerse them in water (a bathtub is ideal) for approximately 30 minutes. This will help revive your tropical flower bouquet that may appear tired upon arrival due to the long journey. When possible, cut 1/2" from the end of the flower stem. To extend the life of your tropical flower bouquet, keep them at room temperature (65-80 degrees) and change the water and re-cut the flower stems every other day. Avoid displaying the flowers in direct sun, close to heat sources or in a cold drafty area. Most importantly,   enjoy the refreshing energy of your tropical flower bouquet.