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Rose Color Symbolism

SweetHeart Roses
Petite roses are also known as “sweetheart” roses. The term sweetheart rose was originally a nickname given to specific types of garden roses distinguished by their miniature blooms. These were generally pink and pale yellow in color and grew on small bushes. Cross-breeding experiments with these roses would go on to produce petite roses which were more akin to the single roses we now associate with floral arrangements, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. Now it is not uncommon for any type of petite rose arrangement to be referred to as sweetheart roses.

While they may be smaller in size, petite roses have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional rose arrangements. Their petiteness and intricate beauty makes a powerful statement that contradicts their diminutive appearance.

SweetHeart Roses Symbolism

Petite roses come in many varieties and colors. They range from spray roses, with multiple blooms per stem, to more familiar single bloom varieties. These single bloom petite roses more closely resemble their long stemmed cousins and are the kind most often used to make cut flower and vase arrangements. Miniature roses of this kind are also commonly referred to as sweetheart roses.

Petite roses have also come to hold their own special meaning. Because of the obvious connotations of the name sweetheart rose, petite roses are traditionally used to send a message of affection for a sweetheart. However, since all roses are representative of love and gratitude, petite roses can be used to express these sentiments as well.

Petite rose arrangements are typically made using an assortment of colors, allowing them to be suitable for a wide range of occasions. Their smaller size means that more roses can be included in the arrangement. It’s not unusual for petite rose bouquets to consist of as many as three to four dozen stems. Among the different types of roses available, petite roses are truly something unique. Their continuing popularity is proof that good things often do come in small packages.