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Sunflowers are hailed by the Chinese as a symbol of longevity. Universally sunflowers are hailed as the symbol of pride and cheerfulness, 1996 was designated the Year of the Sunflower by the National Garden Bureau. Kansas is known as the Sunflower State. We feature a variety of sunflower bouquets and sunflower arrangements guaranteed to lighten up any room. Sunflowers make a great floral gift for almost any occasion, and are a popular flower of choice for our customers.

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Sunflowers – Hailed by the Chinese as the symbol of longevity, the Sunflower has always been historically associated with legends of the Sun God. With a tendency to turn its head and grow towards the sun, these sun-like flowers are universally celebrated as flower of pride and cheerfulness.
Estimated Vase Life – 5 – 8 days
Meaning - sunflower promises power, warmth, and nourishment, attributes of the sun itself, Dwarf Sunflower signifies "a devout admirer."
Care Tip – Sunflowers need a lot of water, make sure you check the water level daily and replace with fresh water and more flower food if necessary. To ensure good water uptake cut stems diagonally under water upon arrival.
Arranging Tip – When the petals fade, separate them from the large disks and use the disks as an interesting touch in arrangements.
IMPORTANT - If flowers wilt or droop prematurely, cut them short and place in slightly warm water. Both the cutting and water temperature will help revive the blooms.

Buying a Sunflower Bouquet (Tips on choosing the right sunflowers)
When buying sunflowers, it is advised to choose sunflowers that are about three fourths open. The sunflower petals will still appear to be slightly turned upward. The sunflowers petals should be form to the touch. The sunflower center is the best indication for the freshness of the sunflower – there should be no pollen. Sunflowers produce quantities of yellow pollen with age. Older Sunflowers are fully open, with the petals turned downward. The sunflower petals will appear soft to the touch and may be bruised or may shed when handled. The middle of the sunflower shows signs of pollen formation. When the sunflowers start to wilt and get old, pull off the wilted sunflower petals, and use the deep grown or green disks as accents or interesting touch in flower arrangements or floral bouquets.

Sunflower Meanings and Symbolism: Sunflowers represented different meanings in many cultures. In China they symbolized longevity. In the Andes Mountains, golden images of sunflowers were found in temples. They were used by Central and North American natives to make oil for food, medicine, and dye. North America Indians in the prairies placed bowls of sunflower seeds on the graves of their dead. It is said that if a girl puts three sunflower seeds down her back, she will marry the first boy she meets. The sunflower's turning as it follows the sun symbolizes deep loyalty and constancy also symbolizes power, warmth, and nourishment (all the attributes of the sun), as well as haughtiness, false appearances and unhappy love. The dwarf sunflower stands for adoration in the language of flowers.