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Sunflower Floral Arrangement

Sunflowers Floral Arrangement

What a better way to describe a sunflower floral arrangement than as a blazing burst of sunshine! This brilliant floral arrangement is a signature gift of happiness, and this floral arrangements also enjoys longevity so they sparkle in the vase for longer. The meaning of sunflower floral arrangements are closely tied to the sun, hence they symbolize warmth, power and nourishment.


SUNFLORAL ARRANGEMENT CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our sunflower floral arrangements come prearranged in floral foam, also known as an oasis. Sunflower floral arrangements need to be watered daily to ensure that the floral foam stays moist at all times, as sunflowers find it harder to take in water when inserted in foam as opposed to when arranged in a vase filled with water. We advise that you mix the  floral food in a container with luke warm water and feed your sunflower floral arrangement with the floral food solution daily. Also remove the wooden floral sticks inserted in the four corners of the container, inserted to support your floral arrangement during travel. Your floral arrangement has made a long and difficult journet to get to you, which may cause a flower to get displaced during travel. In the event that any flower gets displaced from the floral foam, just reinsert the flowers back in the floral arrangement, from where the flowers were displaced.

ABOUT SUNFLOWERS: Sunflower or Helianthus comes from Greek word – Helios which means ~sun~ and ~anthos~ which means ~flower.~ These flowers always turn towards the sun. Sunflowers originated in North America in 3000 BC. During the 1500s, explorers brought the sunflower to Europe, where it spread along trade routes to Russia, Egypt, and the Far East. Sunflowers represented different meanings in many cultures. In China they symbolized longevity. In the Andes Mountains, golden images of sunflowers were found in temples. They were used by Central and North American natives to make oil for food, medicine, and dye. The sunflower's turning as it follows the sun symbolizes deep loyalty and constancy also symbolizes power, warmth, and nourishment (all the attributes of the sun), as well as haughtiness, false appearances and unhappy love. The dwarf sunflower stands for adoration in the language of flower.