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Sunflower BouquetsSunflower Bouquets

Sunflowers names as such because of their affinity towards the sun, are an extremely popular flower of choice among FlowerFresh customers. Sunflowers grown both for their beauty and for their usefulness, are hardy flowers and may last up to a week if properly cared for. Sunflower bouquets make a great floral gift for friends or to buy to decorate one own home. Universally, the sunflowers, is the flower of pride and cheerfulness, making a sunflower bouquet a bright addition to any surroundings.

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Buying a Sunflower Bouquet (Tips on choosing the right sunflowers)

When buying sunflowers, it is advised to choose sunflowers that are about three fourths open. The sunflower petals will still appear to be slightly turned upward. The sunflowers petals should be form to the touch. The sunflower center is the best indication for the freshness of the sunflower – there should be no pollen. Sunflowers produce quantities of yellow pollen with age. Older Sunflowers are fully open, with the petals turned downward. The sunflower petals will appear soft to the touch and may be bruised or may shed when handled. The middle of the sunflower shows signs of pollen formation. When the sunflowers start to wilt and get old, pull off the wilted sunflower petals, and use the deep grown or green disks as accents or interesting touch in flower arrangements or floral bouquet.


  1. Cut the bottom of the flower bouquet stems diagonally under running water, using a sharp knife
    WHY? This increases the surface area of the flower stem underwater, and allows the fresh flower bouquet to draw in water instead of air
  2. Remove all the leaves that fall below the water line.
    WHY? These leaves breakdown and decay, which promotes bacterial growth, which can block the stem and stop the flowers taking up the water
  3. Arrange your flower bouquet in a vase with lukewarm water mixed with the first packet of flower food
    WHY?   This will help the closed flower buds to start opening and help to prolong the life and beauty of your flower bouquet
  4. Place your flower bouquet in a location away from direct sunlight, electrical appliances and drafts.
    WHY? Temperature is key to the lifespan of flowers. Appliances such as televisions give off heat, causing flower bouquet to dehydrate.
  5. On the 3rd Day - Re-cut stems, replace vase with fresh water adding the 2nd packet of flower food while removing any fading flowers.
    WHY? This helps to prolong the life and vibrancy of your flower bouquet.