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Make yours and someone else's day by buying our spectacular cheap roses. We are here to make your buying experience memorable at FlowerFresh, and we know that means putting everyone's favorite, a dozen red roses, on sale at a very affordable price. We have great selection of hand made rose arrangements for special occasions like a wedding anniversary or birthday or you may order a bouquet of a dozen roses simply to decorate your home. No matter what kind of roses, our premium fresh cheap roses are the best that you will find.

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Language of Roses: If love could be defined by one symbol, it would be the rose. Throughout history no other object has played such a significant part in romance. No other symbol can evoke the same feelings of romantic love. Is it any wonder why the rose is 85% of the population's favorite flower? Although the universal symbol of loves, different color roses are symbolic of different emotions and may be used to express sentiments. While red roses epitomize, romantic love, passion and beauty, white roses are symbolic of purity, innocence and charm, and yellow roses may be used to express joy, friendship or a promise of new beginnings, and the ever popular pink roses may be used to express appreciation, admiration or happiness. Knowing the meanings of roses can be magical in allowing us to express emotions and sentiments we may not feel comfortable expressing ourselves.