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At FlowerFresh we are dedicated in providing our customers with the best quality flowers, direct from the source at the absolute best prices. We handpick our flowers from the farms that specialize in a particular flower, so you can get the best quality bloom available on the market. This section features seasonal blooms and specific flowers that we may be able to offer you at a special discounted price for a limited time. SO ENJOY!

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Flower Giving Statistics: The Michael Cohen Group has done research that shows just how much people love to give and receive flowers. Their findings gives us great insight into the world of giving flowers. Of the hundreds of men and women surveyed, most described a gift of flowers as unlike any other because flowers create lasting memories and make people – both givers and receivers – feel cared about and special. The fleeting nature of fresh flowers also encourages people to appreciate flowers when they are beautiful and vibrant. "With a gift of fresh flowers, you know that someone is thinking of you right now, this very minute," Cole said. "It's the memory of the flower gift and the emotions that last forever."

Fun Flower Facts:

  • The World's Largest Flower: The Titan Arum is not only the world's largest flower it is also the world's smelliest.
    This native of the central Sumatran rainforests is known affectionately as the Corpse Flower for its heady perfume of rotting flesh. It is 3 meters high
  • The World's Smallest Flower: A bouquet of a dozen Wolffia blooms would comfortably fit on the head of a pin.
    A type of duckweed, Wolffia grows on the surface of ponds and slow moving streams.
    This very minute flowering plant is native to Australia and Malaysia. The plant body is 0.6-0.9 mm long and only 0.2-0.5 mm wide. Not only is it one of the smallest flowering plants on earth, but it also produces one of the smallest fruits.
  • The World's Oldest Flower: In 2002 scientists in north-east China discovered a fossilized flower that blossomed about 125 million years ago. Called "the mother of all flowers", Archaefructus sinensis resembles the modern water lily.