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Special Price Color Cordinated Flowers
Special Price Color Cordinated Flowers There are different reasons why people choose to make a color coordinated flower bouquet. They can simply want to create an exquisite arrangement, or they may want to symbolize certain emotions or convey certain feelings by mixing certain colors together. Our in-house designers at FlowerFresh are experts at creating exquisite arrangements of color coordinated flowers.
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Picking the right Flowers for a party: Flowers are an essential part of any gathering -- regardless of size -- and as much a part of the dining experience as the food. Picking the right Floral Centerpiece depends on the environment, mood and aesthetic we are trying to achieve. This selection can often be a frustrating experience, so to make your life simpler we have some tips that might be of assistance when picking the perfect Floral Centerpiece for a party.

  1. Your Floral Centerpiece should not be more than about 5 inches high. Otherwise your guests have to peer through the flower arrangement to see each other across the table.
  2. Do not put highly scented flower centerpieces on the dinner table because their aroma can fight with the food aromas. Some guests may even be allergic to the strong flower scent as well.
  3. Decide on one or two flower colors depending on the color scheme and décor of your dinner party. Remember that white goes with everything.