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Rose Color Symbolism

Single Roses

The language of flowers is silent, yet powerful. A rose holds in its delicate petals a wealth of meaning that has withstood the annals of time.

A single red rose is the universal and perhaps most popular symbol of love. In ancient times, the rose was the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love and the association has carried through the centuries to present day.

A single red rose also stands for respect and courage.

A single white rose says “I'm sorry” to a significant other. Since medieval times white roses have symbolized light, purity, and innocence; a single white rose sent as a gift to someone conveys the message that you consider that person to be pure, or that your love is pure.

A thornless rose is a symbol of love at first sight and can have an extremely potent meaning when sent to a new love.


A single yellow rose expresses happiness and love. Sending a single yellow rose means that you are happy with your love and relationship. However, single yellow roses could express jealousy; so, it is best to be cautious when sending the yellow rose.

A tea rose shows that you will always remember the recipient and can also be used to show gratitude. A hibiscus rose specifically means “delicate beauty.”

A single peach rose is used to send a message of friendship to a best friend or lover.

A single purple rose expresses admiration for a person’s beauty.

A single pink rose expresses gratitude.

Rose Artistic Inspiration

A single black rose expresses finality and says that it is over. Whatever the occasion or the sentiment, a single rose can say it all.