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Birthday Flowers

September Flower

September Birthday Flower

September Flower Aster Aster or Morning Glory


September Birthstone Sapphire Sapphire
Various: Pink and Purple
Devotion, Daintiness, Filled with Light, Life and Joy, and Symbol of Love

September Birthday Flower: Aster

Celebrate September birthdays with asters, the "herb of Venus."   Named for the stars because of the shape of its blossoms, the aster symbolizes elegance and refinement.  It is also considered a love charm and was thought to have mystical powers that could ward of evil serpents.   It is said they came to be when the Greek goddess Asterea cried from the lack of stars on earth.  Where her tears fell, asters grew.  

Cuttings from these plants were laid on the graves of French soldiers to symbolize the longing for a revised ending to their battle.   This flower's unique beauty continues to perpetuate present-day folklore and have even been used medicinally.