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Rose Color Symbolism

The language of roses is an ancient and time-proven secret code. Be it between lovers, amongst friends, within family, on joyous occasions, or for celebrations. A single rose or a bunch of roses can convey a wealth of meaning without the exchange of a single word. The Latin expression sub rosa (literally "under the rose") means something told in secret.

Roses are a symbol of love and affection, but the many colors of roses have their own unique meanings. The way the flowers are presented and the number of flowers presented has its inherent meaning.
Red, for instance, has traditionally been associated with love. Yellow symbolizes friendship. Lavender implies gentility and elegance.

During the 15th century, the rose was
used as a symbol for factions fighting
to control England. The white rose
symbolized York, and the red rose
symbolized Lancaster. Thus came about
the term, the “War of the Roses.”



The unity of different colors is also significant. Orange and coral roses imply desire. Red and yellow flowers convey feelings of happiness. White and coral say that one is heavenly and highly desirable.

The language of roses is indeed versatile. It is one of the most effective and non-verbal means of saying much with little.


Rose Color symbolism: