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Rose Flower Arrangements Rose Flower Arrangements Our rose flower arrangements are by far the most elegant and sophisticated flower gift we offer. All our rose flower arrangements have been designed by our in-house floral design team, by some of the best floral designers in the industry. Send an elegant rose flower arrangement, that may include a fancy rose topiary or our signature rose flower towers a grand creation of 5 rose towers that feature a trio of roses tied together. It is important you water your rose flower arrangement upon arrival, and keep the floral foam moist at all time to ensure maximum vase life.
Red Rubi
Cleopatra's Passion
Esperanza Topiary
Pink Topiary
Pure Green

Maximize the Life of your Rose Flower Arrangement: Following some basic care tips may extend the vase of your flower arrangement by upto 50%. Flower Arrangements are fresh cut flowers that come prearranged in floral foam. The FlowerFresh online florist shop has a great selection of flower arrangements created by our in house floral design team. We take great care to ensure that your floral arrangement arrives in perfect condition. Your floral arrangement usually makes a difficult journey to get to you, so it may be the case that a couple of flowers may come apart during shipment. If this is case please reinsert the flowers back into the floral foam, from where they came loose. It is also important to keep in mind, that flowers in foam (floral arrangements), get less water than flowers in a vase. So it is very important that you keep the floral foam moist at all times. This will maximize the vase life of your floral arrangement.

IMPORTANT: When flowers are in foam, they get less water than in a vase. So it is IMPERITIVE that you keep the foam moist at all times.

About Rose Flowers: The most popular and well known cut flower, the rose is the National flower of England, the provincial flower of Alberta and the State flower of Iowa, North Dakota, Georgia and New York. The rose is often used as a symbol for the Virgin Mary and is the universal symbol for love world over. However each rose color has a separate meaning. Red roses symbolize love, respect and courage while the popular pink roses are symbolic of grace and perfect happiness. Dark pink roses mean gratitude whilst light pink roses indicate admiration and sympathy. White roses signify innocence, purity, I'm worthy of you, you're heavenly, humility. While Yellow roses suggest undying lover, platonic love, friendship. Orange roses denote passion and desire, Blue roses imply mystery and a mixture of Red and White roses indicate unity.