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Looking for a sure way to add a little spice to your house? Think rose floral cubes. Whatever color you choose, whether you chose a brilliant red or a mixed floral design, vase cubes are full of passion and zest! Our in-house floral designer has an eye for details and all designs ooze flair and uniqueness, you can be guaranteed that your floral design is unique and creative.

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ROSE CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our roses are shipped in bud form with the outer guard petal left on to protect the roses during shipment. Remove the foliage below the water line, and remove the outer "guard petal" on each rose, left on to protect the flower during shipment. Please also remove any outer rose petals that may have gotten bruised during shipping. Trim the stems and place your rose Floral bouquet in the vase with luke warm water mixed with floral food. This will ensure that you maximize the vase life of your rose bouquet.