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Rose Floral Centerpieces

Rose Floral Centerpieces

Make a dinner with your partner even more special by choosing a romantic floral centerpiece to decorate the table. By simply placing roses on the table they speak a thousand words, and add romance and splendor to the occasion. Dining with a platonic friend? Then choose a peaceful pink rose floral centerpiece, or even a floral centerpiece of your favorite color. If stuck for words at the dinner table, the centerpiece makes a lovely distraction!


SEND FRESH ROSES: Send a Fresh Rose Centerpiece Online with Flower Fresh the No. 1 Flower Shop for high quality premium roses. We feature a variety of rose colors, all hand picked from farms that specialize in growing roses, to maximize both the rose flower size and vase life. Our Roses come as rose bouquets or rose Centerpiece arrangements either featured alone or combined with other flower types. Sending fresh Roses although a favorite for romance, make a great flower gift for absolutely any occasion

ROSE CENTERPIECE CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Cut the band securing the stems and remove your rose flowers from the box immediately upon Cut the rose floral stems at the point shown in the box and remove the outer guard petals left on to protect your roses during shipment. Once you have cut the bouquet at the right point and removed all foliage below the water level, place your rose flowers in a vase filled ¾ with water. We recommend that you fill the vase with a luke warm water mixed with a packet of floral food. Ensure that you keep rose floral centerpiece away from drafts, direct sunlight and excessive heat or cold. To ensure maximum vase life of your rose floral centerpiece, add fresh water daily and recut the stems every 3-4 days.