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Red Tropical FlowersRed Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are exotic in appearance and when given to someone, they leave a truly lasting impression. Red tropical flowers make a beautiful and bold expression of love. Hawaii has well known tropical flowers, including the stunning Anthurium. The Anthurium has unique heart shaped leaves and for this reason it is called the Heart of Hawaii. It comes in different colors, however putting together a red tropical flower bouquet of red anthuriums, there is no doubt that these flowers are carrying a strong message of love. Red tropical flowers make a simply stunning arrangement.

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Arranging Red Tropical Flowers: Tropical Flowers generally have a very long vase life compared to other flower types. However the life of your red tropical flowers is greatly dependent on the way you handle the flowers once removed from the box. Your tropical flowers will arrive in a loose bunch of a mixed variety of tropical blooms. Just cut the end of the flowers about an inch and place the stems in the vase. Feel free to pull flowers out and trim a bit here and there until you have a pleasing overall shape - this leaves your red tropical flowers available for regular trimming so they stay fresh the longest. A more planned tropical flower arrangement is achieved by placing the stems one at a time in one hand until you're happy with the look, tie the stems together, and trim the bottom of the stems even.

Red Tropical Flower Bouquet Care Tips: These care tips below will help ensure you get the maximum flower life and enjoyment from your tropical flower bouquet. It is important to unpack your tropical flower bouquet immediately. To restore plant cells and extend vase life, immerse entire stems in water at room temperature for 10 minutes immediately after cutting an inch from each stem. Cutting at an angle will allow maximum water absorption and make your tropical flowers easier to arrange. Tropical Flowers are heavy drinkers, so make sure you add fresh water daily. Misting tropical flowers daily and trimming the stems every couple of days will help to extend vase life of your tropical flower bouquet and keep a fresh appearance.