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Bright Red RosesBright Red Roses

Red roses are the classic symbol of love, passion and romance. Red roses are given on special occasions including Valentines Day, birthdays and anniversaries to express emotions of love, respect, and friendship. By presenting someone with a red rose bouquet you are expressing your deep and sincere feelings for this person, while presenting someone with a single rose says ‘I love you.’ Red roses are exquisite in beauty and full of meaning.

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About Red Roses: In the 18th century, when lovers were forbidden from publicly expressing their feelings, the red rose became a powerful message of love. And not just ordinary love, but a powerful, undying love that could overcome all obstacles. Many early cultures used red roses to decorate marriage ceremonies and to adorn traditional wedding attire. Through this practice, the red rose became known as a symbol for love and fidelity. Red roses also represent courage and power. Red was the color chosen by the house of York in the legendary War of the Roses In marriage, red roses indicate domestic bliss and continuing passion. Depending on the occasion, a single red rose or a bunch of red roses can speak volumes.

Red Rose Care Tips: Our roses are packaged with extra care and shipped overnight via fed ex to arrive in bud form to maximize bloom time. You roses may enjoy a vase life of between 5-8 days if properly care for. Following the care tips mentioned below will significantly increase the vase life of you red rose bouquet by up to 50%.

  • Cut the band securing the stems and remove your rose flowers from the box immediately upon
  • Remove all the outer guard petals left on to protect you red roses during shipment
  • Remove all the leaves that fall below the water line to prevent bacteria build up
  • Cut the stems of your red rose bouquet 1 inch under running water
  • Place your red roses in a vase filled 3/4th with luke warm water and packet of floral food
  • Keep your red roses away from drafts, direct sunlight and excessive heat or cold.
  • Red roses are heavy drinkers so add fresh water daily and re-cut the stems every three to four days