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Red Lilies Red Lilies

Red is the first spectral color our eyes see and the red lily has the same attention grabbing allure. The Red Lily is not as common as some of the other colors, and recently the appeal of red lilies has broadened, as extensive hybridization has produced a myriad of exquisite new varieties. Among the most popular red lilies are, the blood red lily, the Jet fire red lily and the Terracotta red lily, which is the variety that we use in our flower bouquets and arrangements. The red lily is featured in only a few of our more exotic arrangements due to their exceptional and unusual nature.

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Arranging Red Lilies: Cultivated for over 3000 years, Lilies are one of the oldest flowers in history. The dramatic red lilies make a perfect floral gift no matter what the occasion. Your red lilies will arrive in bud form, and will open in succession over the next 1-3 days. Please note that red lilies bruise easily so must be handled with care. Any red lilies received should have the pollen stamens removed as they open. This will enhance the life of your red lily bouquet and prevent any staining from the pollen.

Red Lilies Bouquet Care Tips: