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Red Flowers Red Flowers Red Flowers are synonymous with romance and love, particularly associated with Christmas and Valentines Day. The red rose is the eternal symbol of love, making red roses a popular favorite all year around. Red Flowers are amongst the most popular flowers ordered, because of their romantic connotation, all the romantics use red roses to tell their special someone's that their hear that belongs to them. We have all kinds of red flowers, blood red lilies, deep velvet roses, bright red freedom roses, red tulips and a whole lot more!

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About Red Flowers
Red is the first spectral color our eyes see and red flowers tend to have the same attention grabbing allure. Red, powerful yet warm is believed to increase enthusiasm and interest making red flowers hard to miss. Red flowers may tend to make a space look smaller, as red absorbs light creating an almost intimate atmosphere.

Red is the universal color for love, passion, desire and eroticism, making red flowers a popular choice for occasion such as Valentine's Day, an anniversary or a birthday of a loved one. Red flowers are the most popular flower color at FlowerFresh, while red rose flowers are the most flower gift of choice, making our dozen long stemmed red roses the No. I choice for a romantic floral gift. While Red is traditionally the color of love and romance, Dark red is the color of beauty and love. Dark red flowers are a great way let your partner know how truly beautiful she is, while still telling her how much you love her. Red when combined with white is symbolic of Unity, togetherness, long-lasting love and bonding, while red combined with yellow is symbolic of falling in love or the start of a new romance. We feature a variety of red flower bouquets and red flower arrangements at FlowerFresh, elegant red tulip bouquets, mixed red flower bouquets of red carnations, red roses and red gerberas; find a variety of mixed red flowers or single red flower bouquets.

Red Flower Meanings

  • Red Rose Flower - Love and Desire, passionate love
  • Red Long Stem Roses - Love and Desire
  • Single Red Rose - I Love You
  • Red Tulip Flower - declaration of love
  • Red Gerbera Flower - joy and beauty
  • Red Carnation Flower - Alas poor heart, Flashy
  • Red Chrysanthemum Flower - Sharing