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Purple Orchids

Purple Orchid Flowers The orchid is a flower of magnificence that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, and thoughtfulness. In China orchids signifies refinement, and the innocence of children. Purple orchids due to their royal color are often referred to as the "true queen" of the flower kingdom. Purple Orchids are long lasting flowers and may last up to three weeks if properly care for.

Arranging Purple Dendrobium Orchids: The dendrobium orchid, has for centuries symbolized love, tenderness, joy and friendship. Orchids are the easiest most versatile flowers to arrange. Arranging purple orchids is as easy as simply cutting the stem's base and placing the purple orchids stems in the vase. Orchids last well and ship the best of all the tropical flowers. The vase life of the purple dendrobium orchids may range from 1-2 weeks, with proper care your purple orchids may last up to 14days. All of our elegant purple dendrobium orchid bouquets will arrive via FedEx in a one of a kind box, with a vase, ready for the recipient to arrange in their own special way.

Purple Orchid Bouquet Care Tips: To ensure that your purple dendrobium orchid bouquet retains it's radiance for up to two weeks, follow the following care tips. Cut one-half inch off from bottom of each purple dendrobium spray; immerse in cool tap water, both flower and stem, for 10 minutes. Arrange your purple dendrobium orchid bouquet in a vase, and repeat process every three to four days. Mist with water daily and keep them from direct breezes and direct sunlight. Purple Dendrobium orchids are slightly sensitive to ethylene. To avoid ethylene buildup, you'll want to ensure adequate ventilation and sanitary conditions. Orchids will stay their loveliest when held in water and at 50 to 55 degrees F. Holding purple dendrobium orchids for more than a week at temperatures below 45 degrees can cause blooms to discolor or drop.