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Purple Flowers Blue/Purple Flowers

Purple is a popular color for flowers, as it is a natural flower color, is a common choice in most bouquets. Purple is also said to stimulate peace of mind and be associated with spiritual fulfillment. We have various types of purple flowers, in various shades of purple, we have the indigo blue iris, the magenta purple dendrobium orchids, lavender roses and the moonlight carnations in all shades of purple to name a few. We have used these purple flowers in various ways; you will find color coordinated purple flower bouquets and arrangements as well as various purple flowers in combination with other flower colors

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About Purple Flowers
Purple is the color of power and luxury and purple flowers mirror this sense of richness because of their unique pigment. Purple being such a strong color, people either love it or hate it. Purple has the ability to be either warm or cool depending on the shade of purple, purple flowers have a similar appeal to blue flowers in their ability to lighten spaces, as they do not draw the eye. This may depend on the richness of the color of the flower.

Purple is a unique color as it can come in a variety of different shades from light to dark purple, with each different shade of purple flowers or purple color with a different meaning and symbolism. For e.g. the color lilac represents a sincere love, without the need for anything in return. It can refer to the love felt for lovers, family or friends while the color violet, expresses feelings of modesty, generosity and humility. The 'shrinking violet' refers to its symbol of insurmountable shyness. Whereas the rich purple color is the color of nobility and the cooler shade of lavender represents enchantment and devotion. Purple flowers are very popular as Flowerfresh; we feature a variety of purple flower bouquets, both as single flower bouquets and as mixed purple flower bouquets. Enjoy an elegant bouquet of long stem lavender roses, or an stylish flower arrangement of mixed moonlight carnations in different shades of purple, or a graceful bouquet of purple debdrobium orchids, an eclectic unique selection of purple flower gifts for any occasion.

Purple Flower Meanings

  • Purple Rose Flower– love at first sight
  • Purple Carnation Flower – Capriciousness
  • Purple Iris Flower – Faith, Wisdom, Valor and Promise
  • Purple Hydrangea Flower – Earnestness
  • Purple Orchid Flower - Love, Beauty and Magnificence