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Pink Tulips

Pink Tulips

Tulips are very popular to an extent that during the 17th century, most of Europe, particularly Holland, was gripped in a craze for Tulips as a result of which many had to even sell off their fortunes, a time referred to as Tulipomania. With various sentiments and meaning that tulips convey, Pink Tulips are favorite for almost any occasion. The colour pink is symbolic of perfect happiness and confidence.  Since tulips are large, showy, and usually solitary, flowers, a tulip has come to mean a showy person. 


Arranging Pink Tulips: The third most popular flower in the world, pink tulips were once the symbol of the Turkish empire. Shipped in bud form directly from the “land of tulips” in Holland, your red tulips have traveled a long distance and may be thirsty upon arrival. Your red tulips will continue to grow and change after being cut, so leave enough room for your red tulips to grow and move while arranging. Don’t be afraid to cut, as your bouquet will look good with red tulips in varying lengths. Red Tulips have a natural tendency to bend and lilt, to seek light, so keep this in mind when placing your red tulip bouquet under a direct light source.

Pink Tulip Bouquet Care Tips: Your pink tulip bouquet has an estimated vase life of 4-6 days. If properly taken care of your pink tulip bouquet may last longer. Don’t be afraid to cut your tulip stems, as your bouquet will look good with pink tulips in varying lengths and will also help the tulips drink water better. After trimming your pink tulip stems, fill the vase with lukewarm water and add first packet of floral food. Tulips are heavy drinkers, so make sure you feed them some fresh water daily. To straighten bent tulips, wrap the tulip stems tightly in damp newspaper, secure with an elastic band, and stand in deep, lukewarm water with light directly above them. Leave for a couple of hours, and pink tulip bouquet will be as good as new.