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Pink Lily FlowersPink Lily Flowers

Pink lilies convey many meanings and have special significance in terms of motherhood. Legend tells us that the first lily sprang from the breast milk of the Empress of Nature, Great Goddess Juno. For this reason the pink lily has particular importance in motherhood and a pink lily bouquet is often given to new mothers. Amongst its many meanings, pink lilies symbolise aspiration and hope.

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About Pink Lilies : Since the beginning of time Pink lilies have played significant role in the allegorical tales concerning the sacrament of motherhood. The Pink lily is deeply identified with the ancient goddess of the Western World. It was said, that the first lily flower sprang from the breast milk of the Great Goddess Juno, empress of Nature. The Pink Lily is considered symbolic of wealth and prosperity. Pink lilies make a great gift for any occasion, be it birthday, anniversary or the birth of a child. The Pink Lily is also viewed as a sign of aspiration and hope.

Pink Lily Bouquet Care Tips : Your pink lilies will arrive in bud form, opening in succession over the next 1-3 days. Pink Lilies are long lasting flowers and may last between 10-14 days if properly cared for. Pink Lilies bruise easily, so handle them with particular care. The blooms open in succession, and you can snip off spent flowers close to the main stem. Lilies are thirsty flowers make sure you check the water level daily and replace with fresh water

  1. Cut the band and remove your Pink lily bouquet from the box immediately upon arrival.
  2. Cut your pink lily stems 1 inch under running water
  3. Place your pink lily in a vase filled with 3/4 luke warm water and a packet of floral food
  4. Fill a clean vase 3/4 full with warm water and add the contents of the floral preservative
  5. Keep pink lily bouquet away from drafts, direct sunlight, and excessive heat or cold
  6. Make sure to add fresh water or replenish the water if dirty, removing the dead foliage as needed
  7. Important Tip for Pink Lilies – All pink lilies should have the pollen stamens removed as they open. This will enhance the life of the pink lily and prevent any staining from the pollen. If you get any pink lily pollen on your clothing DO NOT rub off with your hands (rubs pollen deeper into the fabric). Use a toothbrush or a dry towel to brush off pollen.