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Pink Lilies Pink Lilies

Since the beginning of time Pink lilies have played significant role in the allegorical tales concerning the sacrament of motherhood. The Pink lily is deeply identified with the ancient goddess of the Western World. It was said, that the first lily flower sprang from the breast milk of the Great Goddess Juno, empress of Nature. The Pink Lily is considered symbolic of wealth and prosperity. Pink lilies make a great gift for any occasion, be it birthday, anniversary or the birth of a child. The Pink Lily is also viewed as a sign of aspiration and hope.

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Arranging Pink Lilies: Cultivated for over 3000 years, Lilies are one of the oldest flowers in history, hailed as one of the most popular flowers in ancient Jewish civilization, mentioned in both the old and new testament. Lilies synonymous as flowers of purity and sweetness, while pink lilies are symbolic of wealth and prosperity. Your pink lilies will arrive in bud form, opening in succession over the next 1-3 days. Please note that Pink Lilies bruise easily, handle them with particular care. Your Pink lilies will open in succession, and you can snip off spent flowers close to the main stem. The pollen from your pink lilies can stain clothing, so be careful when removing the anthers.

Pink Lilies Bouquet Care Tips: Your pink lilies bouquet has an estimated vase life of 7-10 days, if properly take care of your pink lilies can last longer. Your pink lily bouquet will arrive in bud form, and will open in succession over the next 1-3 days. Cut the bottom of the stems 1 inch diagonally under running water and remove all the leaves that fall below the water line. Place your pink lilies in the vase with lukewarm water mixed with the first packet of floral food. Your pink lilies are thirsty flowers, so make sure you check the water level daily and replace with fresh water and more flower food if necessary.