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November Birthday Flower

November Flower Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum


November Birthstone Yellow Topaz Citrine Yellow Topaz Citrine
Compassion, Cheerfulness, Friendship, Sensitivity, and Secret Love

November Birthday Flower: Chrysantemums

Chrysanthemum beckons the holidays and, like people born this month, represents a cheerful and optimistic demeanor. Chrysanthemum portrays a desire for rest and relaxation, longevity and happiness.   The Greek word chrysos, meaning "gold," gives this flower its name.  Since the 8th century B.C., Chrysanthemums have proved to be pure gold, especially in Asian herb gardens. This "Queen of Fall Flowers" has remained important in Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Chrysanthemums, related to daisies, are just as easy to enjoy today as they were in ancient times, but now even more varieties exist thanks to hybridization.