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Love & Romance FlowersLove & Romance Flowers

Order Romance Flowers with a range of colors to celebrate your feelings, red making a bold statement, white conveying pure love, pink expressing joy, and yellow commemorating friendship and caring. Romance Flowers are most commonly associated with red and pink roses, but there are other romantic flowers such as daisies, tulips, lilies, carnations, gardenias, orchids, lilacs, sunflowers and wildflowers. A Romantic Flower Delivery will express your feeling to a new or long-time love interest. Send Flowers to celebrate a milestone anniversary or meeting to declare your love all over again.

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Send Love and Romance Flowers: Flowers and romance are inseparable. Ever since the ancient Egyptians used flowers as symbols of love, flower have come to symbolize romance, passion and desire. Perhaps the most Special Flower Gift was the one you gave her on your first date, or in her wedding bouquet or a special variety she always comments on. These are Romance Flowers because you took the time to pay attention, thru transforming an ordinary flower into a symbol of love. A bouquet of Romance Flowers sends an intimate message without saying a word. Romance Flowers usually carry special significance and can come in a beautiful vase overflowing with two dozen red roses to a mixed bouquet filled with an assortment of silk, colorful booms, to the graceful beauty of an exotic orchid.

Valentines Day: Valentine's Day, known as the day of Love, is a time to show your commitment and try to woo someone close to your heart.    England's Henry VIII declared St. Valentine's Day an official holiday in 1537 and it is now celebrated all over the world.  By sending an Online Flower gift is a way to celebrate the spirit of love and share these feelings with someone special.   Roses are the blossoms of choice on Valentine's Day because they were the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.  However, Valentine's Day Flowers are not just for lovers, but the perfect time to express to any loved one how much you care.   You'll bring a sparkle to the eyes of a lover, mother, grandmother or friend by sending an arrangement or bouquet of Valentine Flowers. 

Red roses are the Valentine's Day Flowers most women want to receive because they convey love and passion.   Valentine Roses represent different kinds of love according to the number of roses and their colors.  A single perfect red rose suggests "I love you" while one dozen red roses express "complete love and gratitude."   The colors of Valentine's Day Flowers are red and white, and also pink.  Red symbolizes passion, white symbolizes purity and sweetness, and pink for young lovers, a meeting point between the two extremes of feelings.   The traditional Valentine Day Flowers are a dozen long stemmed red roses, but you can send an arrangement of other romance flowers such as daisies, tulips, lilies, carnations, gardenias, orchids, lilacs, sunflowers and wildflowers.   Whether you send Valentine's Flowers to a true love, a new love, a mother or a friend, it is a wonderful way to show your affection.  If you Send Flowers through FlowerFresh, you can be ensured your loved one will smile on Valentine's Day.