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Long Stem Roses Long Stem Roses

Die-hard fans of style and elegance love long stem roses.  They are double the size of the typical rose and make their presence felt effortlessly.  Long stem roses adorn vases beautifully and are perfect for large spaces including lounges, art galleries, hotel lobbies, reception areas, large offices, museums or a place with high ceilings. A bouquet of long stem roses is also considered for a momentous occasions, such as an engagement, a wedding, a graduation, a promotion, a landmark anniversary or birthday.  The beauty of the long stem red rose speaks volumes about love. 

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Send Long Stem Roses: Long stemmed roses are typically variants of a classification of rose known as the Hybrid Tea. These roses originated in the 1800s when, for the first time, roses newly introduced from China were cross-bred with European roses. The results were revolutionary. These long stemmed roses with large single blooms combined the pleasing scent of the tea rose with the ability to bloom repeatedly throughout the year. The introduction of long stem roses also introduced a whole new range of colors to the palette. Long stem roses quickly grew in popularity and are now the roses most often used as gifts and in arrangements.
Long stemmed roses are special because of the meanings we associate with them. The traditional message of a bouquet of long stemmed roses is, "I will remember you always." They can also be used to communicate to someone, "I still love you." And of course, a bouquet of long stemmed red roses is the ultimate expression of true love. They can represent a love that runs deep and is long-lasting. A long stem rose bouquet can express that extra bit of love and gratitude to someone who is extra special.
As one of the most highly prized and sought-after types of flower, the long stemmed rose is invaluable. Whether a single stem is used to convey a message of elegant simplicity, or a dozen are arranged in a breath-taking bouquet, the impact of the long stemmed rose is breathtaking.