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Lily Flower Care Tips

Lily  Flower Care Tips .


Lily Flower,



There are seven divisions or types of lilies, made up of over 400 species. The three most common varieties are Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies, and longiflorum lilies.


The Asiatic varieties come in almost every color and shade except blue and black. The Oriental varieties mostly come in shades of white, cream, and pink. Both of
these varieties may be solid, or accented with spots, stripes, or contrasting colors in the throat of the flower. The longiflorum lily is pure white.


The Oriental varieties have a strong fragrance, the Easter lily or iongiflorum lily a slight fra­grance. The Asiatic varieties are scent-free.


Purchase or cut when the bottom flower is just opening and the next two or three buds are full and showing good color.

Vase Life:

10 days or longer.


All year, but the predominant season is spring and summer.


Oriental — expensive.
Others — moderately priced.


Purity and sweetness,

Arranging Tip:

Do not crowd lilies in arrangements, as the large blossoms need room to open up.

Growing Tip:

Lily flowers prefer full sun, but also like cold feet. Plant where they will receive afternoon shade to cool their roots.


Lilies do not like flower preservative or additives in the water.