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Throughout history, lilies have inspired storytellers, poets and artists, pictures of the lily flower can be found on Egyptian tombs, Cretan wall paintings and Assyrian carvings dating back to the 1580 BC. Lilies were also a popular flower in ancient Jewish civilization, and the lily flower is mentioned in both the old and new testament. In Christianity, lilies are the symbol of chastity and virtue. Greek brides wear a crown of lilies to symbolize purity and abundance. In Feng Shui lilies are symbolic of summer and abundance, while the Chinese consider lilies to mean "forever in love." The intrinsic beauty and symbolic purity of lilies, makes the lily flower a perfect gift for any occasion.

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Lilies – Cultivated for over 3000 years, Lilies are one of the oldest flowers in history, hailed as one of the most popular flowers in ancient Jewish civilization, mentioned in both the old and new testament. The symbol of chastity and virtue in Christianity, these versatile blooms are symbolic of summer and abundance in Feng shui, and symbolize “forever in love” to the Chinese. The lilies will arrive in bud form, opening in succession over the next 1-3 days.
Lily Bouquet Estimated Vase Life – 7 – 10 days
Lilies Meaning - Purity and sweetness, (White) virginity and innocence, (pink) wealth prosperity. (yellow) feminine sexuality
Lily Bouquet Care Tip –  Lilies are thirsty flowers make sure you check the water level daily and replace with fresh water and more flower food if necessary
Lily Bouquet Arranging Tip – Lily pollen can stain clothing and furniture, so carefully remove the anthers (the orange pollen-coated tips at the end of the stamens) with tissues before displaying your bouquet. As flowers open as your design ages, you should continue to remove the anthers. Lilies bruise easily, handle them with particular care. The blooms open in succession, and you can snip off spent flowers close to the main stem.
IMPORTANT TIP for lilies - Any lilies received should have the pollen stamens removed as they open. This will enhance the life of the lily and prevent any staining from the pollen. If you get any lily pollen on your clothing DO NOT rub off with your hands (rubs pollen deeper into the fabric). Use a toothbrush or a dry towel to brush off pollen.

Buying a Lilies Bouquet (Tips on choosing the right lilies)
Lilies are large star shaped flowers with two or as many as five or six branching blossoms to a lily stem. The three most common variety of lilies are a) Asiatic Lilies b) Oriental Lilies c) Longiflorum Lilies also knows as the Easter Lily
It is important to remove the pollen stamens from the lilies when the lilies are open. This helps the lilies last longer and stay fresher, as removing the pollen gives the lilies the false hope of staying in bloom in the hope of getting fertilized. If left intact the stamens will pollinate and may stain the flower and other things as well. Use a fork to lift the stamen gently away from the lilies if the lilies are starting to pollinate.
Fresh lilies only have the bottom blossom open, with the next two or three consecutive lily buds showing good color and size. Lilies bruise easily because of their large branching shape so check for discoloration or damage in the closed lilies blossoms.
Older lilies have most of the blossoms fully open except for the budded top. The lilies may appear faded or slightly transparent. Some of the bottom blossoms may have been pinched away, so check the stem and the lilies bloom count before buying.