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Pick the flower type and flower color that best suits your floral design aesthetic.  Choosing your color coordinated bouquet of flowers is so simple at FlowerFresh, all our flower arrangements are sorted by color, so you can pick your favorite color with ease. Our floral design team is constantly creating new eclectic fresh flowers bouquets to suit every occasion. All of our bouquet of flowers are made with love and care and we send all our bouquet of flowers via FedEx to ensure timely fresh flower delivery.

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Flower Giving Study: The Michael Cohen Group has done research that just how much people love to give and receive flowers. Their findings gives us great insight into the world of giving flowers.

  • 92% percent of women can remember the last time they received flowers, and 97% of men and women recall the last time they gave a floral gift.
  • 88% say flowers can change your mood for the better
  • 99% agree that a person who gives flowers is thoughtful
  • 89% believe that someone who gives flowers is sophisticated
  • 83% would like to receive flowers when they are not expecting them