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Birthday Flowers

July Flowers

July Birthday Flower

July Birthflower Larkspur Larkspur or Tulip or Water Lily


July Birthstone Ruby Ruby
Pink and Purple
Good Luck, Laughter, Levity, Lightness, and Open Heart

July Birthday Flower: Larkspur

Celebrate July birthdays with the larkspur, also known as "Elijah's Chariot," the flower of attachment, devotion and sincerity.   Related to buttercups, these flowers are members of the Ranunculaceae family and make up the genus Consolida – which contains around 40 varieties that are native to mild climates.  

It is said that Larkspur first sprouted after the famous Battle of Troy.  The warrior Ajax was supposed to receive slain Achilles' armor, but took his own life when the honor was passed to another warrior. On the spot where his blood pooled, it is told, there grew the first Larkspur.