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Birthday Flowers

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January Birthday Flower

January Birthflower Carnations Carnations


January Birthstone Garnet Garnet
Various: Red, Pink, White
Affection, Deep Love, Distinction, Happiness, Fascination, and Lasting Fidelity

January Birthday Flower: Carnations

Legend has it that the first carnation was the earthly manifestation of Mother Mary's undying love for her son, Jesus, resultant from a tear splashed upon the ground under the cross. Carnation flowers are in season year-round to help commemorate a wide array of emotions. The carnation traditionally celebrates fascination and admiration, although different colors of the carnation flower convey different meanings.   White carnations, for example, wish "good luck," while red carnations denote passion, and pink carnations portray reminiscence or a mother's love.

Carnations have had such a widespread influence over cultures and centuries past.   It is no doubt that the Capricons whom the carnations celebrate are equally fascinating.  Show that special person how much you care by presenting them with a beautiful bouquet of carnations, a perfect floral gift for any Capricon.