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Iris Flower Care Tips

Iris Flower Care Tips .


Iris Flower,



The common Dutch iris, the large flowered bearded variety, and the Siberian iris.


Most shades and combinations. The inner part of the flower and the outer petals are sometimes accented with different colors and combinations than the predominant color of the flower. The Dutch variety is most common in dark blue and purple accented with yellow.


Only a few varieties have a sweet scent; the common iris flower has no scent.


Purchase or cut in bud stage. Iris open quickly and the flowers do not last long.
Vase Life:
3 to 5 days.


The predominant season is late spring and early summer, but the Dutch variety is available as a cut flower all year.


Inexpensive to moderately priced.


"I have a message for you."

Arranging Tip:

Iris flowers, with their unique shape and form, can be useful in arrangements by accenting other flowers. The shape allows other flowers to rest next to the iris blossoms.

Growing Tip:

Iris flowers multiply rapidly and reach their flowering peak about the third year after planting, so they must be divided every few years to continue flowering. The folliage will not discolor or fade after the flowers have bloomed. The tali, swordlike blades will stay green and are an attractive accent in the garden.