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Green Roses
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Green Rose FlowersGreen Rose Flowers

Green roses are not your every day roses. Green roses are originally yellow roses, and when in the right sunlight they turn green, unusual! A green rose bouquet is mystical and enchanting, and thoroughly different. Green roses compliment flower arrangements with their startling color. If you want to present someone with something rare, green roses are it!

Lime Green
Mass of Green
Twist of Lime
Pure Green
Green Elegance

About Green Roses: The color green has many meanings and can symbolize completely opposite sentiments. The most significant and popular meaning of the green rose is fertility. Green symbolizes richness, abundance, and bounty; green roses are thereby a sign of plenty. The green rose also symbolizes self-respect and well being. The freshness of the spring, the abundance of rain—these are all conveyed in green rose. Green is also pleasing to the eye, and imparts balance, stability, and peace to the mind. A green rose is a calming gift with all positive overtones. A negative aspect of the green rose is that green is also the color of envy. The "green-eyed monster" has forever given the pale green a negative meaning. However, the positive nuances of the green rose far outweigh the negative. The symbol of verdant growth, richness of nature, and completeness of life are all conveyed in the green rose. It is a perfect gift for one who is pregnant, one who is embarking on a new venture, or one who is recovering from a stint of illness. Green roses are also the perfect accompaniment for St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, and Easter.

Green Rose Care Tips: Our roses are packaged with extra care and shipped overnight via fed ex to arrive in bud form to maximize bloom time. You roses may enjoy a vase life of between 5-8 days if properly care for. Following the care tips mentioned below will significantly increase the vase life of you red rose bouquet by up to 50%.

  • Cut the band securing the stems and remove your rose flowers from the box immediately upon
  • Remove all the outer guard petals left on to protect you red roses during shipment
  • Remove all the leaves that fall below the water line to prevent bacteria build up
  • Cut the stems of your red rose bouquet 1 inch under running water
  • Place your red roses in a vase filled 3/4th with luke warm water and packet of floral food
  • Keep your red roses away from drafts, direct sunlight and excessive heat or cold.
  • Red roses are heavy drinkers so add fresh water daily and re-cut the stems every three to four days

Arranging Green Roses: Celebrated as the “flower of love” green roses are among the most popular flowers in the world. Green roses make a perfect floral gift for a loved one, no matter what the occasion. When arranging Green roses make sure you remove the outer “guard petal”, on each Green rose, left on to protect your Green roses during shipping. This will ensure that your Green roses will bloom to their maximum. Arranging roses can be pleasure, and if done right will maximize the vase life of your Green roses.

Green Rose Bouquet Care Tips: Your green rose bouquet has an average vase life of 5-8 days. If properly taken care of your green roses may last longer. On receiving your green rose bouquet, remove the foliage that falls below the water line and the outer guard petals, then cut the stems 1 inch diagonally under running water, Fill the vase with lukewarm water and add first packet of floral food, then place your green rose bouquet in the vase. Green Roses drink heavily, so make sure you check the water level daily and replace with fresh water, adding more flower food if necessary. This will increase the vase life of your green rose bouquet by 30 to 50%.