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Green Roses
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Green Flowers Green Flowers

It is rare to find naturally green flowers, although green is favorite neutral color in flower arrangements, as it is a perfect compliment to any flower color. Balanced, energetic and natural, green is the base color for flowers and has the effect of making the colors more intense. We use a lot of greens in our flower bouquets and arrangements, almost entirely in the form of foliage. We find that green foliage makes a perfect compliment to any flower, be it in a bouquet or arrangement, creating a sense of fullness and unity.

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About Green Flowers
Green is the color of nature, and green flowers convey a comforting relaxing feeling. Green stands for good health and growth; it is also associated with money. Green is favorite of well-balanced people, and green flowers tend to have the same restful impact, as green is the most tranquil color that our eyes see.

Green is the color of harmony, fertility and richness, while green flowers signify joy and optimism. Although natural green flowers are rare, green flowers make a great floral gift no matter who the recipient or what the occasion. A fresh green flower bouquet makes a perfect gift for a harmonious couple, green flowers also makes a great gift for a new mom who has just given birth or is about to give birth to a new baby, celebrating the fertility, harmony and joy of the new mother to be. We feature delightful bouquet of green roses either separately or mixed with other greens to create eclectic mixed green flower arrangements.