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Gladiolus Flower Care Tips

Gladiolus  Flower Care Tips .


Gladiolus Flower,

Sword Lily.


Larger flowering hybrid varieties and smaller or miniature varieties. The most common of these are Gladiolus colvillei and orchideola. The miniature variety Gladiolus tristis is more uncommon.


Almost every color shade is available, except fortrue blue. Bicolored and variegated varieties are also available.


None, except for the miniature tristis variety.


The bottom one or two flowers are open, with five or six buds showing good color. The tip is tightly budded and does not usually develop after cutting. The bottom flowers die as the others open.

Vase Life:

10 days or longer.


Gladiolus Flower are available all year, but the predominant season is summer. The miniature varieties are only available in summer and early fall.




Remembrance. It was common to engrave these flowers onto gravestones.

Arranging Tip:

These regal flowers can add height and drama to bouquets, but the stiffness of the flower makes it somewhat difficult to blend into a combination, and the bottom open blossoms are usually shadowed by other flowers. Gladioli are best appreciated when several are massed together.