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Gerbera Flower Care Tips

Gerbera Flower Care Tips .


Gerbera Flower,

Gerbera Daisy, Transvaal Daisy.


Large flower varieties and the mini variety called Gemini. Both varieties come in single and double forms. An oversize variety has recently become available.


There are hundreds of shades and color combinations, but no true blue or black. Many are two-toned or variegated, and they may have yellow or black centers,


The petals should be fully open, but facing slightly upward. The flower and stem should be firm to the touch,The center should show no pollination.

Vase Life:

5 to 7 days. The fuzzy stems decompose quickly in deep water, so place gerberas in only four to five inches of water when conditioning or arranging alone.


Available all year, but the predominant season is summer. The miniature varieties are only available in summer and early fall.



Arranging Tip:

This bright, informal flower can be added to any combination for fun and color, but gerberas can also make a stunning color impact massed together.

Gerbera Flower Growing Tip:

Gerbera flowers can be purchased as potted plants, and will last about three weeks. In very warm climates, gerberas can be grown in the garden and will produce flowers all summer.


To make sure gerbera stems remain straight, support the flower heads when conditioning in water.This can be done by placing a piece of chicken wire over a deep bucket, so that the heads are supported and the stems hang free into the water. Let the flowers hydrate this way for several hours.