Fresh Flower Gerbera Daisy Flower Bouquets
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Gerbera Daisy Flower BouquetsDaisy Flower Bouquets Gerberas are always popular, their vibrant colors can light up the dullest of environs. Our customers love are selection of Gerbera flower bouquets, either featured as single flower bouquets, as with our romantic red gerbera flower bouquet, or our bright mixed gerbera flower bouquet, or as is most often the case mixed with other popular flowers as with lilies and roses. Adding a couple of gerbera flowers can greatly enhance the look of any flower bouquet.
Just Gerberas
Summer Celebration
Rhapsody in Pink
All Daisies
Red Gerberas
French CountrySide
Hydrangea and Daisies
Red Gerberas


  1. Cut the bottom of the flower bouquet stems diagonally under running water, using a sharp knife
    WHY? This increases the surface area of the flower stem underwater, and allows the fresh flower bouquet to draw in water instead of air
  2. Remove all the leaves that fall below the water line.
    These leaves breakdown and decay, which promotes bacterial growth, which can block the stem and stop the flowers taking up the water
  3. Arrange your flower bouquet in a vase with lukewarm water mixed with the first packet of flower food
    This will help the closed flower buds to start opening and help to prolong the life and beauty of your flower bouquet
  4. Place your flower bouquet in a location away from direct sunlight, electrical appliances and drafts.
    Temperature is key to the lifespan of flowers. Appliances such as televisions give off heat, causing flower bouquet to dehydrate.
  5. On the 3rd Day - Re-cut stems, replace vase with fresh water adding the 2nd packet of flower food while removing any fading flowers.
    This helps to prolong the life and vibrancy of your flower bouquet.

Daisy History and Symbolism: According to an old Celtic legend, the spirits of children who died in childbirth scattered daisies on the earth to cheer their sorrowing parents. Beautiful gold hairpins, each ending in a daisy-like ornament were found when the Minoan palace on the Island of Crete was excavated. They are believed to be more than 4000 years old. Egyptian ceramics are also decorated with daisies. This flower's English name was day's eye, referring to the way this flower opens and closes with the sun. And primitive medical men drew the obvious conclusion that it was plainly intended to cure eye troubles. Assyrians crushed daisies and mixed them with oil to turn gray hair dark again.

Marguerite, the French word for daisy, is derived from a Greek word meaning "pearl". Francis I called his sister Marguerite of Marguerites and the lady used the daisy as her device, so did Margaret of Anjou the wife of Henry IV and Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII. There is an old English saying that spring has not come until you can set your foot on twelve daises. King Henry VIII ate dishes of daisies to relieve himself from his stomach-ulcer pain. And a common remedy for insanity was to drink crushed daisies steeped in wine, in small doses for 15 days.