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FlowerFresh features the most colorful artistically designed flower cubes available online. Our in-house flower designers have created a wonderful mix of original innovatively designed flower cube arrangements in various styles. Our brightly colored glass cube vases come in brilliant selection of colors that include, aqua blue, lime green, sunny orange and classic clear glass. Every flower arrangement is created to compliment the color of the glass cube vase and enhances its beauty by being perfectly coordinated in color and style.

Pink Topiary
Red Rubi
Esperanza Topiary
Pure Green
Cleopatra's Passion
Cleopatra's Passion
First Kiss
Just Red
Red Velvet
Purple Rain
Just White
Pearly White
Pretty in Pink
Exclusivo RainForest
Just White
Twist of Lime
Pink Lemonade
Just White

Why Shop at FlowerFresh Online Flower Shop? At FlowerFresh we are committed in providing what we believe are the 4 most important aspects of ordering flowers:

FRESHNESS – Based in Miami, "the Flower Capital of the US," we deal directly with all the flower farms. Approximately 85% of all the flowers come into America through Miami, so we pass on this benefit to our customers.

QUALITY – To ensure you get the best quality flowers we select farms that specialize in growing a particular flower type. So your lilies come from farms in Ecuador, your roses are sent from one of the largest rose growers in Colombia, while your Tulips may have traveled all the way from Holland.

VALUE FOR MONEY - Every person today is looking to get value for their money. We understand this as consumers ourselves, so we provide you with premium quality fresh flowers at the best price in the industry.

PRESENTATION: In no industry is presentation and aesthetics of more importance than in flowers, our in-house flower designers are constantly creating unique exceptional flower designs that will continue to take your breathe away!

Cutting the stems to maintain the Freshness of Flowers: Always cut your fresh flower stems at a sharp angle. This increases the surface area of the fresh flower stem and allows water to be better absorbed through the stem. Flower stems cut at an angle will not rest flush against the bottom of the container; thus they better allow the water to penetrate your fresh flowers.
Make sure you cut the fresh flower stems under running water to avoid taking in air. After the end of the stem is cut, place your fresh flower bouquet directly in water. It only takes a minute for fresh flower stems to dry and seal up. Fresh flowers with thick stems and thin branches should be cut at an angle and then cut up the center for better water absorption through the stem.

Flowers and Temperature: Temperature is key to maximizing the vase life of fresh cut flowers. Warmer temperatures cause fresh flowers to open while cooler temperatures cause fresh flowers to close. Fresh Flowers last best in temperature around 45 degreees. Misting fresh flowers about twice a day will help keep them cool, and will also help the flowers absorb moisture through their petals. Keep you fresh flower bouquet out of direct light, in a place with low to indirect light, as light creates heat that speeds up the life cycle of fresh flowers. Flowers are accustomed to the outdoors so air circulation is important for the vase life of fresh cut flowers. Keep you fresh flowers away from a direct draft and cigarette smoke.