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Choose your favorite bouquet, from our eclectic selection of mixed and single flower bouquets. We feature the highest quality rose bouquets, lily bouquets, carnation bouquets, tulips bouquets and artfully designed mixed flower bouquets perfect for any occasion. All our bouquets feature premium quality flowers direct from the farms. We select our flowers, from the farms that specialize in a particular flower type, to ensure you get the highest quality freshest flowers that will last longer and look better.

Simply Pink
Pink Sky
Purple Rain
Red Explosion
Classic Red
Rose Berries
Red Elegance
Simply Orange
Simply White
Mass of Yellow
Red Luxury
Simply Yellow
Pure Pink
Strawberry Sorbet
Red Luxury
Just Gerberas
Mass of Green
Hot Lady
Daisy Bouquet
Simply Blue
Purple Elegance
Pink Elegance
Summer Celebration
Mango Beauty
Field of Callas
Rhapsody in Pink
Juicy D'Orange
Rhapsody in Pink
Peruvian Lilies
All Daisies
Lime Green
Simply Pink
Red Gerberas
Sunny Days
Mass of White
Pink Sorbet
Hydrangea and Daisies
Mass of Heart Pink
Berry Sorbet
Tropical Birds
Mass of Purple
Mass of Peach
Just Iris
Sweet of Purple
Red Passion
French CountrySide
Safari Sunset
Tropical Bouquet
Exclusivo Rainforest
Green Elegance
Dozen Red Roses
Vanilla Ice Cream
Mass of Peach
Majestic White
White Elegance
Pure White
White Light
Simply Yellow
Yellow Elegance
Lemon Sorbet
Yellow Dream
Yellow Ski
Mass of Pink

FRESH FLOWER BOUQUETS Send the highest quality fresh flower Bouquets online with FlowerFresh. Your fresh flower Bouquets will need hydration upon arrival. Please follow the flower Bouquet care instructions to maximize the vase life of your flowers. Cut the bottom of the stems 1 inch diagonally under running water. Remove all the leaves that fall below the water line. And place your flower bouquet in luke warm water mixed with a packet of floral food.

HIGHEST QUALITY FRESH FLOWERS FlowerFresh is based in Miami, the Flower Capital of the US. We get all our flowers directly from the farms, that specialize in growing a particular flower, so you get the highest quality fresh flower bouquets on the market.

Maximize the Life of your Flower Bouquet: The two top questions that consumers ask when purchasing flower bouquets are "How do I take care of them?" and "How long will they last?"  No matter what the flower type, be it roses, tulips pr carnations a little extra care can make a big difference in maximizing the vase life of your fresh flower bouquet. Flower bouquets may last anywhere from 4-14 days depending on the flower type used and the type of care they receive. Proper care may extend the vase life of your flower bouquet by upto 50%.

Flower Bouquet Care Tips: Your flower bouquet has traveled a long distance to arrive at your door step and may appear tired upon arrival. It is very important cut the band securing the stems, and remove the flower bouquet from the box immediately upon arrival. Cut the stems under running water or with a scissor at the point specified to ensure maximum water absorption. Remove all the foliage below the water level to prevent bacteria build up in the water. Place your flower bouquet in the vase ¾ full with luke warm water mixed with a packet of floral food, to maximize vase life. Keep your flower bouquet away from away from drafts, direct sunlight, and excessive heat or cold. Be sure to recut the stems of your flower bouquet adding fresh water every few days.