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FlowerFresh features the most diverse selection of flower arrangements available online. Our in-house flower designers have created an eclectic array of flower arrangements using roses, lilies, sunflowers, carnations and gerbera daisies. For special occasions when you want amaze that special someone nothing comes close to our topiary rose arrangements and our gradient rose towers. We are dedicated in providing you with the most original artistically designed flower arrangements, with the highest quality freshest flowers that will last longer and look better.

Pink Topiary
Red Rubi
Esperanza Topiary
Cleopatra's Passion
Pure Green

FRESH FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS Send the highest quality fresh flower arrangements online with FlowerFresh. Your fresh flower arrangements will need hydration upon arrival. Please follow the flower arrangement care instructions to maximize the vase life of your flowers. Flower Arrangements need extra hydration as when the flowers are in foam, they get less water than in a vase. So it is IMPERITIVE that you keep the foam moist at all times.

ARRANGING FRESH CUT FLOWERS All our fresh flower arrangements are hand arranged by our in house floral design team. FlowerFresh has taken great pains to come up with innovative high quality flower arrangement designs that will work as a perfect floral gift for absolutely any occasion. Follow the fresh cut flower care instructions to ensure best blooming for your flower arrangement.

Maximize the Life of your Flower Arrangement
The two top questions that consumers ask when purchasing flower arrangements are "How do I take care of them?" and "How long will they last?"  No matter what the flower type, be it roses, tulips pr carnations a little extra care can make a big difference in maximizing the vase life of your fresh flower arrangement. Flower arrangements may last anywhere from 4-14 days depending on the flower type used and the type of care they receive. Proper care may extend the vase life of your flower bouquet by upto 50%.

Flower Arrangement Care Tips
Your flower  arrangement comes prearranged in floral foam and needs to be watered daily to ensure that the floral foam stays moist at all times, as flowers find it harder to take in water when inserted in foam as opposed to when arranged in a vase. We advise that you mix the floral food in a container with luke warm water and feed your flower arrangement with the floral food solution daily. Also remove the wooden floral sticks inserted in the four corners of the container, inserted to support your flower arrangement during travel. Some flowers may get displaced during travel, just reinsert the broken flowers back in the foam.