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How to take care of your Cut Roses

Here are simple suggestions to make your cut roses last longer:

  1. Remove any leaves that might decay under water.
  2. While holding the stem end under water, cut about 1/2 inch off the stem with a sharp knife. Crush the heavier stems with a hammer.
  3. When removing bark leaves or thorns, do not cut through the bark or scrape the bark.
  4. Place the roses immediately in a clean deep vase of warm water. You have two seconds to put them in water as the stems will close off and not drink.

If possible, leave them in a cool room or refrigerator to "condition" for two to four hours before arranging. Bottled water is preferred as softened water shortens the life of a rose.

  1. Water, to which a good "floral preservative" has been added, is the best medium in which to arrange roses.



For lasting satisfaction when you receive a vase of roses.

  1. Add water immediately and refill the vase daily. Roses, apparently, are heavy drinkers!
  2. If a "porous foam" material is used to hold the roses in place, keep the foam covered with water. Ends of stems should be below water.
  3. Keep your flowers away from the heating and air vents and also never set them on a TV.  Every three days, empty the water, wash the vase, cut the roses, and place in the vase.
Premature wilting: Premature wilting is not a sign that the rose is old. It sometimes occurs if the bud has been cut before sufficiently mature, or if a cut has been made through the bark, or the bark has been scraped. Also, wilting occurs when leaves decay under water. Cut off the stem above the damaged place, or take away leaves and cut off 1/2 inch of stem. Then allow the entire rose to float in a tub (bathtub) of deep warm water for a couple of hours. When it revives, place it back in the vase arrangement. Another option is to remove the rose head and let it float in a water filled bowl.