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Color Cordinated Flowers CubesColor Cordinated Flowers Cubes

We all have our favorite colors, while some of us prefer delicate pastels others might have a preference for a single color like purple or yellow. So for you color fanatics we have created an array of Color Coordinated Flower Cubes. We feature bright sunny cubes in all yellow or orange, or perhaps you prefer the more delicate colors like light pink or white, or maybe you like a mix of colors, in the energy of spring or summer. No matter what your color preference, or floral design aesthetic FlowerFresh has the most eclectic selection of Color

Purple Rain
First Kiss
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade
Pretty in Pink

Choosing the right Flower from a Florist Shop: When buying fresh flowers from a florist shop, choose those with healthy leaves and flowers that are in bud and just beginning to open. If the flowers are too tightly budded, they may never open, and if they are too open they will perish quickly. Buy your fresh flowers from a reliable Florist Shop that restocks daily and keeps flowers in good condition:

Lilies - Lilies last extremely well, and once they are conditioned and arranged, most of the buds should open. It is important not to buy lilies that are too tightly budded, choose stems that have a base bud just showing color.

Carnations Its is important to buy carnations and pinks in prime condition – that is when the buds are just beginning to show color. At an earlier stage, the buds will not open, since they are held in place by the calyx – the whorl of sepals around the flower. Once the flowers are open it is difficult to tell how old they are, as they continue to look the same for about ten days, when the sepals suddenly go soft and flower die.

Tulips The only drawback of tulips is that their acidity shortens the lives of any blooms that share their vase. If it is only for a day or so there is no problem, but for longer they are best to themselves.